Maximize Your Mobile Presence

Mobile internet consumption is exploding—the deployment of 4G and LTE networks have fueled consumer adoption and consumption of data-heavy content like rich media, video, and entertainment applications. However, all that usage is generating concern among consumers about exceeding data plan limits and a need for greater mobile internet access.

Enable Worry-Free Consumption of your Content

Aquto's MoVE Zero Platform allows any advertiser or application developer, or mobile content producer to pay for the consumption of specific pieces of content, allowing users to engage without worrying about impacting their bill. This “toll-free” content generates higher engagement for mobile advertisements and content, to maximize return on mobile investment.

MoVE Zero Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Advertisers and Content Providers Use MoVE Zero to Maximize Return on Mobile Investment:

  • Rich Media & Video Advertising Campaigns
  • Mobile Content
  • Gaming Applications
  • Retail Applications

App Video View Campaign Example

Increase interest in apps by taking the worry away from users who are sensitive to data usage when viewing videos.

Data for Additional App Functionality Example

Cover the data required by apps for additional functionality.

MoVE survey screenshot MoVE survey screenshot MoVE survey screenshot MoVE survey screenshot

Operationally Simple

With MoVE, there are no new creative units to build. Simply provision the campaign in the MoVE Platform, attach tags to existing creative, and flight through your existing ad server. The MoVE Platform is ad server agnostic.

MoVE Platform diagram