Kickbit is an app that rewards users with mobile data for their smartphone and tablet data plans.

Kickbit App

Kickbit is the best way to get more data for your smartphone and tablet without paying a dime. Earn data through Kickbit by engaging with our sponsoring brands. Watch a video, take a survey, test free trials, or even shop for goods and services. When you do, you’ll earn data that you can transfer instantly to your mobile account for any of your supported devices!

Kickbit is the first app ever to offer free mobile data to its users. We're working hard to make Kickbit available across all carriers. Click here to see if your wireless plan is supported.

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Using Kickbit is Simple, Here's How it Works

Earn MB

Earn MB (megabytes) by watching videos, taking quick surveys, trying free trials and shopping for goods and services.

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Transfer MB

Transfer MB for additional mobile internet (data) or savings on your wireless bill with the push of a button. Simple!

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Boom! More mobile internet and savings on bills is something everyone loves. And you will too!

Kickbit app screenshot