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Brightstar bringing Aquto’s sponsored data services to mobile network operators worldwide

MIAMI / BOSTON, July 20, 2015—Brightstar Corp., the world’s leading mobile products and services organization, today announced an expansion of its Mobile Digital Solutions portfolio to include sponsored data solutions provided by Aquto, the leader in sponsored data monetization.

Brightstar and Aquto will enable mobile operators around the world to improve their profitability and help consumers to get more out of their mobile devices. Under the sponsored data service, subscribers receive extra mobile data in exchange for engaging with marketers. Examples of engagement may include downloading and using apps, watching videos, trying new products or services, making mobile purchases, etc.

“The global telecomm market is at a crossroads right now for a number of reasons. Smartphones are more accessible than ever; operators are engaged in fierce price competition while also investing heavily in their networks; content providers are multiplying; and digital lifestyles are becoming the norm,” said Daniel Ghelman, Brightstar’s Head of Mobile Digital Solutions. “Operators are looking for opportunities to participate in the vast value creation that is being enabled by their investments, and Aquto’s unique approach benefits everyone.”

The world of mobile adverting is a rapidly growing market estimated to be well over $100 billion by 2018, according to eMarketer. Boston-based Aquto has recently expanded into markets in Asia and Europe, and the partnership with Brightstar opens the door to a global network across more than 100 countries.

“We are tapping into an ecosystem of app developers, advertisers and marketers whose businesses depend on being able to reach their users via mobile. By reducing the friction for mobile engagement, and rewarding their users with more data, we provide a win-win solution for all, where marketers get more users, users get more access, and operators can participate in the upside,” said Susie Kim Riley, CEO of Aquto. “We believe our expansion into the international markets is well-timed as the explosion of smartphones, social media and content is transforming the lives of billions, and mobile connectivity is the foundation that makes it all possible.”

About Brightstar
Brightstar, a subsidiary of SoftBank Group Corp., is the world’s largest specialized wireless distributor and a leading provider of diversified services focused on enhancing the performance and results of the key participants in the wireless device value chain: manufacturers, operators and retailers. In 2014, Brightstar reported global net revenues of more than $10 billion and employs about 9,000 people on six continents. For more information, please visit

About Aquto
Aquto is the leader in sponsored data with deployments with Tier 1 operators including AT&T, PLDT/Smart, Verizon Wireless, and Vodafone. Founded in 2012 with headquarters in Boston, the company provides a frictionless way for app developers, advertisers and marketers to engage with users over mobile, and a new way for operators to monetize their data and network assets. For more information, visit or follow @aquto on Twitter.

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