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Aquto Unveils First Solution Enabling Users to Get More Mobile Internet for Engagement with Advertisers, App Publishers and Businesses

Mobile Internet Used as a Frictionless Currency to Improve Mobile Marketing Results

BOSTON, (July 16, 2013) – Aquto emerged from stealth today as the first company to offer consumers more mobile internet data with their existing carriers in exchange for engagement with brands.  

Aquto’s value exchange service provides new ways for consumers to get more mobile internet minutes simply by watching advertisements, purchasing items or downloading and trying out new apps on their mobile device.  For businesses, it offers a game-changing way to increase the effectiveness of mobile services and campaigns. Aquto has been working with major telecom operators, ad networks, advertisers and publishers to launch the service starting in 2013.    

“We have come to rely on mobile internet as an essential technology, so usage is skyrocketing and the cost to provide the service is high.  Operators have had to implement limits on data plans but are looking for new ways to increase revenues to continue investing in the infrastructure.  Due to limits on data plans, users are curbing their mobile data consumption which will ultimately stifle the mobile ecosystem,” said Susie Kim Riley, founder and CEO at Aquto. “Time spent on mobile has now surpassed the desktop which presents a tremendous opportunity for advertisers and businesses, but the returns on mobile campaigns still lag behind that of traditional web advertising.  To bring mobile to the next level, we have to crack the code on improving user engagement with mobile advertising and commerce by making the experience frictionless and rewarding.   Aquto’s mission is to bring businesses, operators and consumers together to unlock new sources of value in order to grow the entire mobile ecosystem.”

In a recent survey of Verizon Wireless and AT&T smartphone and tablet users with data limits, Aquto found that 66 percent were concerned about going over their limit and over 63 percent are self-throttling (reducing or stopping their usage to avoid going over their limit).  These numbers show that mobile internet data is a valuable form of currency which can be leveraged for new value creation opportunities in the mobile ecosystem.  

Marketers can “Aquto enable” their campaigns to drive engagement and improve conversions by either working directly with Aquto or through Aquto's many ad network partners.  Mobile advertisements or offers presented to consumers can be marketed via Aquto's Kickbit App (downloadable from Android and iOS app stores in supported countries) or through 3rd party publisher sites or apps.  

“Advertisers are looking for ways to improve brand engagement over mobile.  What we do know is that consumers will engage with brands based on compelling and relevant value-exchanges. To that end, Aquto’s approach is an innovative way to deliver tangible benefits to consumers,” said Phuc Truong, founder/managing director, Mobext/Havas Media , one of the world’s largest global advertising groups that works with leading brands to bring forth innovations in mobile campaigns.

Aquto’s team, based in Boston, brings together veterans from the telecom, mobile advertising, security and app development industries, and is backed by two leading venture capital firms, Matrix Partners and North Bridge Venture Partners.  

Aquto’s deployment begins in Europe with eligible Vodafone subscribers. Additional partnerships will be announced throughout 2013.

About Aquto:

Aquto is the first solution that gives consumers more mobile Internet in exchange for engaging with mobile content. Founded in 2012 with headquarters in Boston, the company provides a frictionless way for businesses to improve the effectiveness of mobile campaigns - from advertisements to m-commerce and app engagement - while providing a valuable new service to subscribers. For more information, visit or follow @aquto on Twitter.