The US Aquto is bringing to Latin America its sponsored mobile navigation solution. The company, which already operates in the US, Europe and Asia, is negotiating integration with billing platforms operators in Mexico and Brazil. Signed a contract with each of these countries and expects to be connected to all major telcos both by early 2017, says its CEO and founder, Susie Riley, speaking by phone to Mobile Time. In the US, its main market, the company is connected to the AT & T and Verizon. In this way, advertisers can offer bonuses on mobile data to consumers in exchange for engagement, whether watching a video, download an app, fill out a registration form, reach a certain stage of a game or anything else. Each share is worth dozens of Megabytes the most in franchise data, and who pays the bill for the operator is the advertiser's brand. By negotiating greandes volumes, Aquto can lower prices per MB and still retains a small percentage of revenue, a revenue share agreement. Sponsored this data model, you can spend the bonus with free shipping on any website or app. Hundreds of brands have campaigned with Aquto US offering bonus data, such as: Hershey's, Toyota and Banana Republic.