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Value Exchanges – Creating brands that endure in the digital age

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Jon Phenix
March 5, 2014

A couple questions: How do you deliver strong ROI and measurability today while creating a brand that sparks meaningful consumer emotion through a digital channel? How do you balance the need for marketing investments in programs that offer instant ROI and those that promise future revenue dividends? In the data-driven digital age, measurability and analysis are paramount, but without an emotional connection, marketers run the risk of not maximizing digital advertising advertising investments.

Effective brand engagements, employed by innovative marketers such as Zappos, have created lasting brand affinity for the industry-defining online retailer. Zappos morphed from just-another-online-retailer into a beloved brand by sending flowers to grieving customers, hosting impromptu customer parties, and giving shoes away via Twitter. Yet consumer engagements like these, that rely heavily on emotional response, haven’t become commonplace in digital media.

For many marketers digital advertising has been an incredibly efficient and effective marketing channel. But with Value Exchanges and reward models, it has evolved to include the opportunity to marry consumer engagements that forge an emotional connection with the minute measurability of digital media.

Since we launched Kickbit, we’ve rewarded users with 1000s of GBs of the data that fuels the best parts of their day. Enough to….

  • Listen to 2,500,000+ minutes of streaming music
  • Share 800,000 photos
  • Not get lost with 500,000 hours of turn-by-turn directions
  • Stay-in-touch with 17,000 hours of video-calling

Value Exchanges have evolved to offer brands the opportunity to be a part of those rewarding moments and benefit from the targeting and analysis they’ve come to expect from digital media.

Value Exchanges also translate brand engagement into immediate, feel-good rewards.

Brands can sponsor the data used to read articles, watch videos, listen to music, and share photos. The very things that make our mobile devices so cherished and such an integral part of our lives can be gifted to consumers for engaging with brands.

Value Exchanges let marketers get back to their roots – forging emotional connections with consumers that translate into powerful consumer engagement and real dollars – while delivering the targeting and measurability that digital marketers need for outstanding campaign performance.

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