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Aquto Insights: It’s ALIVE (streaming)!

Susie Riley's picture
Susie Riley
July 1, 2015

In Q4 2014, we released our Aquto Insights, focused on mobile video, and the impact that this data-intensive content was going to have on consumer consumption of mobile data. Little did we know that a few short months later, a new crop of mobile video platforms would emerge that would dramatically accelerate consumer consumption of mobile data.

By now, most everyone in mobile, digital media and content, and video has heard of Periscope, Meerkat, and a handful of other livestreaming video platforms. Overnight, they have super-charged the media zeitgeist – raw, mobile, video, immediate, real, democratized – and the numbers that these nascent platforms are putting up confirm that they have tapped into real demand. In its first 8 weeks of existence, Periscope users had viewed 380 years worth of video content, nearly 20 million minutes.

All of that data consumption has real consequences for an increasingly mobile population.

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