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Ad Blocking, Sponsored Data and Data Rewards: Insights from Mobile World Congress 2016

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Susie Riley
March 11, 2016

Ad blocking is a hot topic these days. While it's been a common practice online, it is now going mainstream on mobile, which is a huge issue for the industry - as ads are what fuel content.

Recently, mobile operators in both the UK and Italy have announced plans to roll out ad blocking technology. Additionally, ad blocking is already supported in the Safari browser on iOS devices and numerous blocking apps promise faster load times of content without the ads, and most importantly, "SAVING YOUR DATA."

According to The New York Times' Article, The Cost of Mobile Ads on 50 News Websites, mobile users may spend up to $9.50 of their monthly data plan on ads - primarily on video ads. Advertising is a vital part of the content ecosystem, but the way it's done today - eating into consumer data plans - needs to be addressed. Mobile marketers will find that it's important not to penalize users with expensive data charges for engaging with their ads. And perhaps, they can even give something extra back to users, in the form of more mobile data, thus creating good will with consumers. This type of sponsored data approach provides consumers with freedom from data limitations while enjoying content.

At Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona, I had the opportunity to speak on the "Brands go Mobile First" panel discussing this topic with some of the best in the industry. The panel was moderated by leading digital strategist and author Michael Bayler and included thought leaders from Google, Bank of America, Media Link and Syniverse.

Check out the conversation in the video below and share your thoughts on ad blocking and the future of marketing.

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